HighLoad++ Serbia 2023


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On July 4 Belgrade will host HighLoad++ Serbia, a professional conference for developers of high-load systems. The conference program will cover everything you need to know about the present and future of high-load development. 

The conference speakers will share their experiences and answer your questions on the following topics:

– Architecture and Scalability

– Infrastructure and Platforms

– Big Data and Machine Learning

– Video and Streaming

– Internet of Things

– Databases

Here are the Top 5 speakers of the upcoming HighLoad++ Serbia conference:

1) Oleg Bondar (Yandex). YDB is an open-source Distributed SQL Database

2) Mons Anderson (Tarantool & VK Cloud) Reliability of In-Memory Databases on the example of Tarantool

3) Andrei Kvapil (Palark). LINSTOR Is Like Kubernetes, But for Block Devices

4) Nick Shadrin (NGINX). HTTP/3: Shiny New Thing, or More Issues?

5) Nenad Ilic (AWS). Orchestrating Application Workloads in Distributed Embedded Systems

HighLoad++ Serbia will give a platform to more than 20 speakers. But the talks are only a part of the program. The real fun happens in between the presentations. More than 800 of your colleagues will gather at the conference to meet new people and make use of the networking opportunities.


So why don’t you join them, too? You can also go together with your coworkers. In fact, it will be more beneficial for you since we have special offers for corporate clients and your participation can be paid by your company.


You can find the conference schedule and buy tickets here.