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Business in Germany is easier to get than ever! There are over 1,000,000 workers in all of Germany. The economy is at a huge loss due to a lack of labor.

The German bureau has published a list of jobs that are currently being sought on the market, across Germany. Especially in smaller places where construction is done and the creation of new places in all aspects of life.

The German bureau decided to hire another 100,000 workers in 2018 from non-EU countries, this time they decided to leave 70,000 workers from the Balkans, saying: „We value the Balkans for their skills and knowledge and responsible and committed work.“

In 2018, we have the goal of bringing 100,000 workers from non-EU countries to the EU. Of this, 70,000 (seventy thousand) workers from the Balkan countries“ .. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel,

He added that in contact with employers of large German companies, he came to the realization that the workers from the Balkans are probably the best quality.

Due to the enormous number of applications, they announced the following. That for the job they want to apply they have to have the appropriate documents. They know the language, and have a certificate placed in German.

The jobs that the bureau posted as the most wanted are:




– Engineers

-operators on CNC machines,


– suppliers and couriers,

– Bus and truck drivers

To get to work in Germany, you need to do the following:

Write a CV containing all the details that an employer needs to know about you.

On the website you have examples of a CV form that you need to complete in Serbian, German and English.




Download the CV forimular in the desired language and fill out.

Write an application: a standard application that begins with the introductory part to apply to a particular ad for a particular company, and that you want to work with them, and in the same application state everything that you attach to documents such as CV, diplomas, certificates, certificates work experience, confirmation from former employers about what you were a worker and what you did, diplomas about a foreign language, possibly a copy of the passport, a driver’s license if you own it.

The recommendation of Sasa Mihajlovic, the owner of the site, is to enter the correct data in the CV form, because your employer will always be able to check your data and work experience if he wants to hire you.

Top 10 ads following the recommendation of the site for foreign affairs:

Also, the recommendation of the team is that if you do not know how to write your CV or fill out a CV form, it is to pay someone to write to you professionally, because because of grammatical mistakes and an incomplete form HR managers often do not want to even look at such a CV form, A precious chance to get the job you expect.

Here are some sites we recommend to look at finding a job in Germany.

We wish you a lot of luck and business success.

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Founder of „“
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Belgrade, Serbia, Europe

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